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  • Reading and controlling users’ posts.
  • Protecting the brand’s image and avoiding negative comments to rise and discredit.
  • Get diverse community members involved through different techniques to help spread our messages.
  • Invitations and fan/followers creation process, followed by managing an active community.
  • Content designing and posting on Social Media.
  • Harvesting users to detect business opportunities.
  • Raising Brand awareness through content.
  • Highlight the company’s strengths along with its identity.
  • Constant analysis to combine presence in different channels.
  • Interaction and partnerships with other brands for content and collective actions.
  • Coordinate the appropriate tool to measure each channel.
  • Follow-up on the Networks’ evolution and growth.
  • Generating monthly Reports with opportunities.  
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The Goal: To be more Visible.

Branding: First of all, it allows you to advertise your business, brand or product. And at last, through quality content you can show promotions and special initiatives. 

  • Audience Interaction: Using Social Media to develop actions and contest to produce more participation from users.
  • Followers Generation: Getting users interested in your products and services, making them active consumers.
  • Selling commercial offers that transform users into potential clients.
  • Pulling traffic towards the Web: In the same way your Social Media visits will rise, we will direct that audience to raise your Websites Traffic.

How are we going to grow?

  • Social Ads: Segmented campaigns attract users towards social channels.Campaigns can be used to promote products or initiatives throughout the year.
  • Daily Content: Content will be crucial to generate a space for sharing and dialogue with the brand.
  • Integrated Initiatives: More advanced applications that encourage users to actively participate. This applications not only reward users, but also generate more visibility and outreach.

What will be the content?

For a Social channel to turn into an engagement space for users, it must display enjoyable content. This is why we need to understand current topics and optimize them based on the users’ feedbacks.

De esta manera, tu social media e igualmente tu contenido, estará en constante evolución.

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Presenzia on Social Media for your Business.

Social Media

Your own Digital Marketing Department.

We have an integrated team with the expertise to plan and execute Social Media Marketing Strategies. Thanks to them we can respond immediately to any of our customers’ needs: 

  • The Campaign coordinator works with the Social Media Staff as well as the Designers to develop efficient and groundbreaking strategies.
  • Community Manager: Creates and promotes content, Manages conversations, pays attention and takes care of your company’s reputation.
  • Social Media Staff: Manages schedule and relevant information, as well as processing and understanding metrics.
  • Graphic Designer: The person in charge of visually delivering the message.

What are we going to measure?

REPORTING work consists of measuring with clear metrics the results of our actions and immediately respond according to them.

  • Brand Positioning: The brand awareness we achieve thanks to the initiatives executed throughout time.
  • Interactions: The ability to understand the users’ interactions, and their actions, from the most relevant ones
  • Potential clients: Everything related to drawing traffic towards the selling point.
  • Outreach, followers/fans: Followers evolution on main channels.
  • Monthly Report:  A report in PPT format. Delivered on the 9th day of each month.
  •  Includes metrics form all the channels.
  • Includes content analysis, quality and proposed optimizations: Insights, opportunities and the next steps to take.
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